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Create Your First Online Course

How long have you been thinking about creating

Your First Online Course?

Weeks?..  Months?.. Years?..

It took me 2 years from an idea of a course to actually publishing it!

I've been procrastinating.

Overwhelmed, confused, struggling, didn't know where to start.

Does this sound like you?

You're not alone!  We all start this way!

I was so naive to think that I was smart enough to figure it all out myself.

 I eventually did.  But I wasted 2 years.

I could have been teaching students, providing them with valuable advice, having an impact on their life and business all that time.

I could have been making money with my courses.​

Online Courses give a wonderful promise of a true passive income.

No stock, no inventory, no running expenses, no maintenance.  Who wouldn't want that?

It sounds almost too good to be true.  Yet it's a real lifestyle for thousands of online entrepreneurs.

And now it's your opportunity!

Don't repeat my mistake.

Of course, you're smart!  And passionate!  And creative!

But you will waste a lot of time doing it by trial and error.

Or you can join my 2-months programme and learn the best strategies for creating and launching your online course.

Step-by-step.  While getting support, guidance and feedback from me and other wonderful, smart, passionate and creative individuals who have already joined the Programme!


Nata Aliyeva
Founder of
Online Solopreneur

Stop Dreaming of Passive-Income Lifestyle!

Start CREATING it!​