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5 Simple Tools

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Creating an Online Course doesn't have to be complicated.  Or expensive.
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I had the good fortune of connecting with Nata. Her probing questions and insights really made me think about what I could do with respect to my business. Her compassion to help people and her experience were enormous in helping me find the right path to my business given my experience and passion. It was a "wow" experience for me.

Dan Maynard

I am so happy I signed up for Nata’s eCourse strategy session. I had ideas for many different courses, but she helped me get really clear about my ideal audience and creating my courses based on my ideal clients. The session was so useful, Nata is lovely to talk to and she offers brilliant advice. Her first hand experience, awesome coaching skills, and friendliness made me feel comfortable sharing with her exactly where I was and move forward with clarity, eagerness, and purpose.

Claudia Svartefoss

Before talking to Nata I was bit lost on what steps to take in order to create my online course. In just one hour with her I gained a much clearer vision of what I should do next. She asks the right questions and made me realize that I'm not so far along the way. Her professionalism and friendly approach really boosted my confidence. Thank you Nata for such precious advice!

Coline Pannier

When I started out with Nata I had most of the moving parts for my online course. That was the problem, they were all moving and changing directions all the time, moreover I had the notion that I would need to start with a very inexpensive (OK, cheap) price. Within an hour, Nata looked at the big picture, helped me organize the moving parts and WOW! Showed me how I could sell the course for a lot more than the initial price without creating a whole new one. Nata is both delightful and insightful. She can look at your scattered idea map and quickly help you make sense of it. I can recommend Nata to anyone who wants to create an online course but doesn’t how or where to start.

Valentina Bellicova

Nata is very articulate and helpful when it comes to helping newbies online. I loved my talking with her, she helped me shed some light on better ways to use to earn income online plus also shaped the idea I have on my niche. Thank you Nata.

Emmanuel Kamala

It was very helpful to talk with Nata. I came to her with the concept, but no practical direction. She gave me some great ideas on how to flesh out my concept, how to market the e-course, and even the pros and cons of various e-course platforms. She's very encouraging and easy to talk to.

Andrea Graham-Melville

Thanks Nata! Brainstorming my sales page with you was really fantastic. You really know the psychological setup of a human brain. Insights from you really will help me make more money ?

Yakin Shah

Before I met Nata I wasn't happy with my website. After only a short chat with Nata I received great suggestions and ideas on what to improve. Nata is very professional with great empathizing skills and easy to talk to. Thank you Nata for your support. I will definitely recommend your services to others.

Debbie Schreurs
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